winter wonderland

We finally got some snow!  It came after Christmas, but– at least we got something.  We couldn’t wait to go out and tromp around in it.  I begged asked the boys if they would please let me get some shots of them enjoying the snow, promising if they cooperated then I’d let them play to their hearts’ content afterward.  I wanted to do something different for our holiday cards this year, and get some wintertime shots for a change.  Taking family pictures isn’t easy, I know.  Taking family pictures of your OWN family, well, that’s another ball of wax.  Or snow, in this case.  At any rate, after the pics were done, we went sledding, cross country skiing, and had hot chocolate afterwards.  It was really a fun day– got me really excited to build our house in these woods someday soon!

Tonia - Gorgeous photos Jen. (as always) Your family is so very handsome! It is nice to see a bit of your new property. I would be excited to live there too!

admin - Thanks, Tonia! I’m sure you would appreciate that setting… you are a “nature girl” at heart! 🙂 Hugs to you. <3