the little things…

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”  Jon Kabat-Zinn

So I experimented with macro photography for the first time yesterday.  And, I have to say, I couldn’t believe how it changed my perspective on how I saw things.  I had to get down, get close, and really take time to focus.  It’s amazing what I saw in the details.


A child’s sled, forgotten after winter’s end, left outside and forgotten….



is instantly transformed into…


a gorgeous, vibrant swirl of color.  I seriously think I am going to print this into a canvas and hang it in our home.


I continued on my walk.  I looked at this stump in our landscape.  It was a rotting tree that we had to chop down.  Now it’s used for boys who play king-of-the-mountain, and also for birds who do their business.  You know what I mean.




When I got up close and personal, I saw this:



I love it.


And, finally, the only flowers that are blooming around here right now.  Clover, tucked away right next to our sidewalk.  Doesn’t really look all that appealing.  Technically, it doesn’t even belong there, since a yard is supposed to be grass and not weeds


but I couldn’t believe the stunning beauty that these little flowers had to show me when I looked.


Really looked.



I didn’t buy a new and expensive macro lens to do all of this.  I simply used my regular 50mm lens and made it into a macro myself by doing this!

May you see the stunning beauty and miracles right before your eyes today…

Tara - These are SWEET, Jen!

Martha Helmuth - A neat exercise in ‘beholding’ the ordinary.

admin - Thanks, Tara! Means a lot coming from you, my photog friend! 🙂

admin - Glad you enjoyed it, Mom. 🙂