connecting threads

photo 1


It was a random picture I snapped with my phone
the last day of summer vacation,
the day before a new school year.

There was a chill in the air
even in August
with white puffy clouds set against a
brilliant blue sky.

All three boys climbed up on a spider web
going higher
until they were each stretched to their limit.

I watched them
suspended on cables woven together, connected,
their silhouettes standing out from the sky beyond.

Now, today,
I watched them get on the school bus.
Releasing them into this vast, open world.
I cannot go with them.
It will be their own journey to climb
to struggle
to stretch to their limits.

But they will not be alone.
They will be undergirded and supported by a vast network of a spiderweb of their own:
Teachers who know school isn’t just about test scores
Classmates who share a smile and end up becoming a friend
Grandparents who celebrate new beginnings and growing up
Friends, cousins, pastors, family, babysitters, neighbors,
The list extends in a beautiful and complex network of connection.

They will climb while I watch.
I will see them get to the top and
I will feel joy right alongside them
when they conquer fears, get stronger,
holding onto their web for support when they need it.

A web of support that
stretches when necessary
yet is stronger than steel.
So delicate it’s barely visible
unless the light catches it just right.

Calm and believing,
I will give thanks for the infinite number of threads
that connect them to me,
to each other,
and to others all around.

I will give thanks
that I am not the only lifeline they know.
I will feel grateful for the sturdy and tender web
set against a vast open sky
that will give them strength to climb
and higher still.


Rachel - Stunning, Jen. Absolutely stunning.

admin - Wow, Rach… thanks so much. Miss you!