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ian, one week new: michigan infant photographer

I got to meet brand-new baby Ian the other week. Although he’s super tiny, he’s already taking up big space in a lot of hearts. He was really laid-back during his session, sleeping for most of the time. But when he woke up for a bit, he had this wise, curious, quiet gaze, taking everything in. Welcome to […]

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gracelyn, 8 months: nappanee infant photographer

Warning: prepare yourself for cuteness overload. I’ve been capturing memories and milestones for sweet little Gracelyn ever since she was itsy-bitsy. And she just keeps getting more adorable by the day. She is so easy-going, pleasant, happy, and sweet. Now she’s sitting up, crawling everywhere, trying to take steps, playing patty-cake, and all sorts of […]

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she’s just that sweet: goshen infant photographer

I kid you not. I arrived to take Abigail’s portraits and she was sleeping, like, well– like a baby. We let her snooze as long as possible and then needed to get started. I wasn’t sure how things would go, with Abigail being woken up prematurely from her nap. Turns out I needn’t have been one […]

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elliot, seven days new: michigan newborn photographer

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”                 ~Jon Kabat-Zinn   Wrinkly skin. Nursing blister. Fuzzy hair. Tiny toes. Umbilical cord. The way he sucks his thumb. I love preserving these details. Spending time with this new little life, welcoming a new person into the world… […]

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