i will do what i can

Coke can on asphalt

I picked up a Coke can today.
Lying on the pavement
Forgotten, crushed, tossed aside, still half-full.

I saw it on the way into the pharmacy.

When I came out, it was still there.
Bright, shiny, red,
Contrasting against the dull, lifeless, cold asphalt.

Why bother?
Who cares?

My dear friend’s son is
Dying of cancer.
So many people I love in
Broken relationships,
Trying to pick up the pieces.

What is the point of picking up a can
That I’m sure no one cares about?

I decide to take it home.
Drain it, pull off the tab to donate to Riley
And then into the recycle bin it goes.

I can’t pick up all the pieces.
I can’t make the angry, raging tumors disappear.

But I am able to pick up one can.

I will, in this moment,
Choose beauty over barrenness.
Choose to do something small
Rather than sit back, wishing for something big
That may never come.

I will choose hope.

I will choose to care.


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