before and after

Recently I went to my doctor for a check-up.  While there, I noticed the lobby walls were bare.  I got this idea– what if I could display some of my portraits on these walls?  My doctor was just as enthusiastic about it as I was, and so, I got to work.  I selected photos from my gallery, trying to make sure that various ages and ethnicities were represented.  Once I got the okay from my doctor, I got the prints hung with Bob’s help.  (yes, I know, Bob the Builder…. )  I couldn’t believe how these portraits transformed the space.  From ho-hum to bright.  From sterile to warm and inviting.  What do you think?  I really love how it turned out!

Here’s what I saw when I came….



… and then Bob and I got to work.  (Can we fix it?  YES WE CAN!!)


Couldn’t help myself.



I chose to display my portraits on “Thin Prints”.  It’s a method of infusing the image onto a background and then finished with a beautiful luster sheen.  The image is fingerprint resistant, and it will last forever.  Not only that– you don’t have to worry about glass breaking, glare, matching frames, etc. etc.  These prints seem to float off the wall, with a thicker backing, and they look simply stunning.


And here’s what it looked like after we were all done.  (drumroll please…….)  TA-DA!!!



But that’s not all.  I also noticed that there was a corner by the check-in window that could use a little TLC.  The staff told me they’d tried hanging plants there, but never with any luck.  I said it’s better to keep patients alive and have plants dying than the other way around.  So, I suggested a floral wrapped canvas print.  This baby won’t need one bit of watering or fertilizer, and it’s always in bloom.  Check, and double check.



And that’s the before-and-after transformation.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Jan - It’s lovely!

admin - Thanks, Jan!

Jeff - Looks great… Those thin prints really look good and liven up the room. Nice work!

admin - Thanks, hon… I couldn’t do any of this without your support!

Martha Helmuth - These prints add color and life the space. Nice job, Jen!

admin - Thanks, Mom– especially for all your behind-the-scenes coordinating to make it happen!