Monthly Archives: October 2013

leaves, laughter, light and love

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the cool crisp air, the changing leaves, and how all the colors in nature seem more intense, somehow. This mom scheduled their family session almost a year ago, because she was hoping to capture fall colors. Thankfully, nature did not disappoint. We had […]

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a family of infinity

I’ve learned long ago that love and math do not mix. Not that you can’t love math, I don’t mean that. I mean that love is something that cannot be measured, quantified, or even added up. As in this case: ¬†two plus one equals way more than three. When you see the love between two […]

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wonderful katie

Have I mentioned how much I love meeting and getting to know seniors? Capturing them in portraits is always so much fun for me. Meet Katie– articulate, smart, talented, and not to mention– gorgeous. Even when you first meet her, you can tell she is one of those people who has a gift of being […]

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right where she belongs

All life is a gift. But sometimes when that life is waited for, longed after, and finally received– well, that can feel extra amazing. Meet Stella. She has come after an almost four-year journey, and she has come home. Home to the waiting arms of love… right where she belongs. Welcome home, sweet Stella… you’re […]

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